Law and Order for All

Morgan County District Attorney's OfficeEvery once in a while we get to work on a project that… well, it makes us feel good. McWhorter Communications is fortunate to have been given the task of creating a new web site for Scott Anderson and his Morgan County District Attorney’s Office. Yeah, they do all the hard work, but this job allowed us to tell their story. Did you know that the M.C.D.A.’s office had a special Victim Services Department that helped crime victims wade through the red tape to get their lives back together? Or that they had a Worthless Check Unit to help merchants and the criminals to get their rightful due? You’ll also find a lot of useful and practical info such as a court calendar page, a criminal felony procedure chart, and even a legal glossary so you can know what your lawyer friends are talking about.

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Thanks, Scott. It’s nice to work for the good guys.